10 Free Homeschool Software Programs for Art and Science Education

The best art and science software programs for homeschooling are free of charge. These homeschooling software suites provide learning and also provide ample play opportunities. Find out which ones are geared for use by students and which are primarily for the teachers.

Tux Paint: Open Source Homeschooling Software for Drawing
This free homeschool software program has caught the attention of television and print media. It is designed for children aged 3 to 12, which makes it a good choice for the preschool, K-6 homeschool classroom. Once downloaded (available for Mac, Windows XP/200/Vista/7/95/98/ME and Linux), the child is presented with a blank canvass and a number of drawing tools, such as paint brushes, shape tools and text tools.

Stykz: For Budding Animators
Cartoonists and animators enjoy the use of Stykz, the stick figure generator. Homeschooled students create their own cartoons and storyboards with the use of naturally flowing stick figure animations. Before long, the older elementary of middle school student will have created an entire movie scene. Download for Mac OS 10.4.2 or Windows 2000.

Google Sketch Up: Homeschool Software for 3D Modeling
Available for Mac and Windows, students may create basic buildings and even elaborate structures with very easy tools. As outlined by Newsweek, this game is actually very useful for the autistic student as well.

Paint.Net: Just Like Photoshop, but Free!
Use available photos and manipulate them to your liking. Students learn how to create special effects and also differentiate between fine nuances in the color spectrums. This is an excellent addition to the media-savvy homeschool classroom, K-12.

BlockCAD Lego: Freeware for Lego-loving CAD Novices
The interface is so simple that it is appropriate for the kindergarten homeschool student but still interesting and fun to use for the older elementary school child. Learn aspects of spacing, model design and geometry.

Immune Attack: Homeschooling Educational Software for the Immune System, Science
In this free homeschool software download, players navigate through a 3D environment. Reminiscent of Fantastic Voyage, middle and high school students fight viral and bacterial infections while getting an inside view of cellular biology. The game is available for Windows XP, but not Max OS.

Scratch: Introductory and Advanced Computer Programming Skills
Combining visual and auditory arts with computer programming, students gain an introduction to programming syntax. Children may create stories and animations but only if they get the programming right. Concepts covered include sequence building, looping, conditional statements, variables and event handling. It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is.

Food Force: Homeschool Software for Social Science Lessons
Created by the United Nations’ World Food Programme, this downloadable game places the student into the fictitious island nation of Sheylan where drought and civil war have depleted food sources for the inhabitants. Set up like an arcade game, the player must coordinate supplies, transport them and also develop a workable long-term aid program. Downloads are available for Mac or PC.

Solve Elec: Create Circuit Boards and See If You Are a Budding Electrician
Solve Elec is an excellent Mac or Windows download for the middle and high school classroom. It allows for the creation of basic as well as more involved electrical circuitry using resistors, diodes and transistors. Homeschooling parents will do well to play around with this during off-hours, since the program itself does not provide a lot of hand-holding for the kids.

GeoGebra: Homeschooling Educational Software for Geometry and Algebra
This is one of the best software programs for homeschooling, since it is useful for the elementary school classroom as well as the high school setting. Parents need to play around a bit and get used to the way vectors, conic sections and also functions may be entered. The visual appeal of this software enables students to grasp the actual applicability of the formulas they are learning.

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