Accredited Vs Independent Homeschool

I was looking at an accredited homeschool program the other day, looking for “messages”. At first I was very fascinated. Then I read the information. Let's do a little compare and contrast.
“Each curriculum package is individualized” – but they only use the textbook/workbook/school-at-home learning. That's not a really high percentage of homeschoolers' selected approach.

“These outstanding curriculum choices coupled with the expertise of your advisor” – but the only experience you truly need is the love for your child. True professional advice would promote you to follow your heart and your own expertise. And keep in mind those “outstanding curriculum choices” only include the options above.

“Our courses range from vocational to advanced placement” – so does our independent homeschool. We are also not constrained by curriculum choices, and we can make ANY class that our student needs, at any level, no matter how strange or unusual the pursuits our children have.

“record-keeping options for courses on their own or through a coop”. – We have choices that go far beyond that. We can include ANY academic activities on our official homeschool transcript. We can include a public school calculus or band, a coop class, a distance-learning class, delight-directed experiential learning and community college classes all on the SAME official homeschool transcript. See my book if you need a description. The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts.