Benefits of Learning from Home and Available Resources for Home Education

Benefits of Homeschooling

In an article published by Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University, most of the objections raised towards homeschooling-such as homeschooling being detrimental to social skills, lack of a certified teacher, subpar educational standard and many more–were debunked.

With homeschooling, parents can choose their children’s homeschool curriculum; help their children learn at their own pace; and all in the comfortable and safe environment of the home. Homeschooling success also depends in part on whether the parent has a good working relationship with the child. If a parent can communicate and engage a child’s interest then, goals set for school can be easily accomplished. Nobody knows a child’s weaknesses and strengths more than the parents. It is easy for parents to decide on what their child needs, when their child is ready to begin, and what mode of teaching to use. One of the great things of homeschooling is that a parent can dictate what they want their children to learn and how they will learn it.

School classrooms are stuffed to overflowing often having 20 to 30 students to every teacher. A homeschooled child gets nearly one-on-one instructions from a teacher who knows them and their abilities.

Some parents also rely on home schooling for children who are physically or mentally disadvantaged. Because of this, many parents feel that homeschooling is the only way their children can achieve a high level of education without exposing them to further risks. Generally, public schools have to teach at the rate of the slowest child. Homeschooling allows a child to get nearly one-on-one instructions from a teacher who knows them and their abilities. A homeschoolers, on the other hand, are taught based from his/her own pace. Homeschooling allows a child to get nearly one-on-one instructions from a teacher who knows them and their abilities.

Homeschooling Resources

With technology, resources for home school are easily accessible. A parent need not worry about being unfamiliar with the homeschooling process. There are several home schooling resources available online. All it takes is a bit of googling and a lot of patience in reading tons of information about educating from home.

Using keywords such as homeschool software, homeschool curriculum, Christian homeschool, homeschool books, homeschool science, homeschool reviews, homeschool worksheets, homeschool programs and home schooling books among others, during a google search will yield homeschool resources from various support groups and organizations, forums, social networking sites, blogs and government websites.

A website that offers a wide variety of free homeschool software is Almost all the softwares are free and the only thing that needs to get paid are the shipping and handling.

For more homeschool resources, here are some of the highly rated sites by homeschooling parents. In these sites, there are free homeschool tools but there are also homeschool resources for sale. These sites are highly rated based on product testing conducted by

Starfall – My personal favorite and is currently on the top spot. As a mom of a 2-year old, this site is a great resource for tools in teaching ABCs and Basic Reading.

Edhelper – Resource for printable materials for grades PreK-8. The site requires membership.

Some resources are free while some requires a certain fee. Exercise your best judgment when choosing resource websites. Choose the websites that exhibits credibility and expertise.