Creative Curriculum Mapping

Creativity is doing things uniquely but it is really difficult to catch up with the creativity of kids. A lot of thoughts and innovations are required to see the completion of a work. Goal is the most important consideration and creativity is required to reach that goal in the best possible manner. In this article […]

Homeschool Photo Calendar

Please submit photos of your homeschooling experience, with a caption to Twelve photos will be chosen for our 2010, 2011 calendar.

Teaching Preschool Curriculum At Home

Did you know that only 40 years ago it used to be the

Clues To Choosing A Home School Curriculum

With the luxurious features of regular classrooms these days, most parents had approved a latest kind of program that will develop their little kids with decreased money clip. This avenue is known as homeschooling. Mostly, homeschooling is an enormous agent for moms who cannot economically adapt to the rapid pocketbook of enrolling their kids to […]

Homeschool Questions and Answers: Husband Demanding Preschool Curriculum

Q: My husband will agree to homeschooling our pre-K child, if and only if I use a curriculum that lays out what I should do each day. What should I use? A. It seems your problem is bigger than what homeschool curriculum you should use. A child in preschool will play with others, listen to […]

The first years

(continued from  In the beginning….)  I’d love to be able to tell you that my first year of homeschooling was a joy. That my children thrived and we became that happy family I mentioned. Unfortunately that was not the case. I suppose I can blame my personality for our first disastrous year of homeschooling. I’m […]

Life is our Classroom

Life is Our Classroom Since long before I married and had children I have been passionate about education. You see, I really did not enjoy my life experience with the traditional approach to education. I attended public schools my entire life (and in an area with a well-funded school system). I found the experience boring […]

Where do you find information on Home Schooling, based on the American curriculum?

My children attend school here in Canada, but I would like to supplement their education, by home schooling them with an American based curriculum. Any ideas on where to find this, or does anyone have any advice on home schooling? As a side note, I do plan on spending many months travelling throughout the US […]

About Preschool Curriculum

When your child reaches the age of three to four years old, you want to make sure that your child is getting ready for school. You can develop and enhance these skills by using a preschool curriculum that prepares your child for school. There are several ways to find the right curriculum for your child […]

Is Home School Right for You & Need to Possess Two Things?

Your home school curriculum can also incorporate your own religious and moral beliefs, something that no one but you can teach your own child. By taking control of a child”s education a parent can shape that child”s value system better than any other way. It is not necessary to have a teaching degree or to […]