Choosing a Homeschool Bible Curriculum

An essential part of any Christian home school program is a homeschool Bible curriculum. Using the right curriculum is essential in teaching Christians how to defend their faith with reason and logic.

Apart from finding the right materials to help you home school your children on Scripture you also need the right teaching methods. Here are some suggestions on methods you can use to teach the Bible at home.

First, the parent should have the right resources to supplement their homeschool Bible curriculum. These include various translations of the Bible, including the King James Version and a topical translation, a Bible Encyclopedia, a Bible Atlas, Strong’s Concordance (an index of all the words in the King James Bible), Biblical commentaries and the 1828 Webster’s English Dictionary. Both the Concordance and the 1828 Dictionary are available online while others can be found either in print or CD format.

Second, the parents have to teach the children how to study the Bible. This is done through study sessions where the parents encourage the children to think about Scripture, ask questions and listen to the Holy Spirit for answers, and individual study wherein the children make discoveries for themselves and share what they’ve learned with the family.

Third is to select a way to study the Bible. This can involve focusing on a particular Biblical person or character trait, studying a particular passage or chapter or selecting a certain word or theme. The student then uses the resources to do research.

For example, if the student has opted to study Daniel, he or she can create a timeline of his life using the Biblical text; describe the place and time in which he lived using the encyclopedia and atlas; and find qualities you think you should emulate as well as others you should not. Finally, the student should pray over the lesson and commit to change for the better.

Choosing a christian homeschool program does not have to be too difficult, just be sure to research your options, read some homeschool reviews and ask family and friends for guidance.

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