Choosing The Correct Homeschool Programs

For a variety of reasons, many American families are choosing to homeschool their children these days. Reasons that your family may choose homeschooling include dissatisfaction with your local school system or assigned school, religious reasons, special needs of your child, or just personal preference. Whatever the reason you choose this path, there is a wide variety of homeschooling programs to choose from.

Before you begin to homeschool your child, check your state's requirements. Some states don't even require that you notify them of your plans to homeschool. Others require that you submit detailed attendance records and test results for your child, or even have a certain level of education yourself. Most states fall somewhere in the middle. Once you've determined that you may legally homeschool your child, you're ready to set up your curriculum.

Homeschooling programs are available for children of all ages, and at all price levels. Some are available online, some are on CD-ROM, and others include printed workbooks. For preschoolers and early elementary aged children, programs that allow you to print worksheets multiple times or ones with erasable printed worksheets are your best choice for the money, as a younger child will need to practice certain things multiple times. There is also online homeschool available nowadays.

Many homeschooling programs are based heavily on Christianity. However, if such a curriculum is not right for you, there are also many programs that make no mention of religion. Most programs give a timeline in which they should be finished, but in reality you and your child can go through the program at your own pace, unless your state requires otherwise.