Christian Homeschool Curriculum

In the early days of homeschooling, the majority of homeschool curriculum vendors were Christian families selling Christian homeschool resources. Today, however, there are Catholic, Mormon, secular and even Atheist homeschooling websites and curriculum vendors.

Where does a Christian family go when it is looking for curriculum reviews and advice from other Christians? When shopping for Christian homeschool science curriculum especially, the academic value diminishes greatly in the eyes of a Christian when the evolution is introduced or assumed.

Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool reviews can be found at the Choosy Homeschooler website, and whenever you find something you like, you can cross-reference the reviewer’s profile to be sure he’s reviewing from a Christian perspective. For example, if an atheist or agnostic were to say “I like how this program handled the difference between intelligent design and evolution” a Christian would know to keep looking.

Curriculum reviews can also be found on homeschool message boards and other online forums where Christian families share advice and experiences freely with each other. Several Christian curriculum distributors host a message board on their website, where users register an account with their email address and can communicate with one another, asking questions about specific items, soliciting recommendations for individual children and offering advice to others as well.

Christian Homeschool Curriculum Distributors

Several companies specialize in distributing materials from a wide variety of publishers. Rainbow Resource center is the biggest one, with a catalog that’s bigger than some cities’ yellow pages. They have a section for Christian curriculum, but the catalog itself, is secular in nature. There are companies, however, that distribute only Christian materials, like Timberdoodle, who has been publishing its Christian homeschooling catalog since 1985.

Christian Homeschool Publishers

There are several places you can find lists of Christian Homeschool programs. These range from unit studies that you can buy or build, to boxed kits containing every subject you need at different grade levels. Many curriculum suppliers allow you to pick and choose different math and reading levels when ordering boxed curriculum kits.

Make your Own Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Books like The Well Trained Mind, from Christian author Susan Wise Bauer [Peace Hill Press, 2003] give general outlines for creating a homeschool plan that lasts throughout the child’s life, and recommends a variety of customizable elements from different publishers and distributors. Other methods of homeschooling, like the Thomas Jefferson, and the Charlotte Mason methods are popular with Christian homeschoolers, too.

Shopping online for Christian homeschool curriculum is an easy way to get all of the homeschool resources you need from the comfort of your home. When children are napping or busy, you can use the internet to find homeschool curriculum and know that the materials you’re finding align with your religious perspective.