Christian Preschool Curriculum

Every parent desires to give their children the best foundation by instilling the best values and practices at a tender age because most of what is taught at this age influences the future of the child. As such, there are different ways of instilling Christian values that parents adopt for the good of their children’s upbringing. One such way is using a Christian preschool curriculum.

For starters, unlike other curricula, the Christian preschool curriculum is based on Christian values and beliefs. The preschool curriculum is usually designed to be a practical tool that parents can implement with ease and keep learning fun. Some of the basic concepts and principles that are taught at the preschool level include shapes, colors, animals, songs, simple science, language, well, you get the idea.

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account in order to determine whether a particular preschool curriculum is suitable for your child. First, the curriculum must be centered on Christian principles in every sense as opposed to just throwing in a few Bible verses or Christian words. Secondly, the program should be based on the best teaching method for your child’s learning style. This will ensure that the principles are driven home in ways that have a lasting impact. Thirdly, the curriculum should be easy to implement and flexible. Lastly, the curriculum must be appealing and fun to the children; there is no room for monotony as this tends to slow down the learning process.

The Christian preschool curriculum you choose should also incorporate moral and character lessons. As the parent, you understand your child’s temperament the best and can incorporate it into the learning process.

The following are some popular Christian preschool curriculums:

*ABC Jesus Loves Me
*Alpha Omega
*Caits Curriculum
*Little Lambs Bible Curriculum
*The Preschool Professor
*K4 Footsteps for Fours

Some parents elect to send their child to a Christian preschool instead of homeschooling them. These children are not unique from the homeschoolers in any way. Enrolling your child in a Christian preschool helps them develop confidence, become self-reliant and develop social skills. Just be sure the learning is done in an affectionate and friendly way in the Christian preschool you select.

In summary, expose them to an environment where they are nurtured to express love and warmth for you and others. Have learning be adventurous and fun and this will keep their young minds focused as well as ensure that they remember all their newly acquired knowledge base and skills.