Computer-Based Curriculum Changing How Homeschooling is Done

Grand Rapids, MI (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

According to a May 2012 poll of homeschooling families, more families are planning to use computer-based and online homeschool curriculum than ever before.

Looking back just twenty years, most children did not even have computers, but today technology is changing the way kids are learning whether they are enrolled in a traditional classroom or are homeschooling. It is even becoming a requirement. As of 2011, four states including Alabama, Idaho, Florida, and Michigan, require that all students complete at least one online or computer-based class to graduate from high school.

Homeschooling parents are embracing the trend as well. In a recent Facebook poll by Homeschool, 92% of the responding parents said that they were planning to use computer-based homeschool curriculum for at least part of their homeschooling lessons for the 2012-2013 school year with over 20% stating that all or most of the schoolwork would be done on the computer.

According to the Digest of Gifted Research, Julie Young the president and CEO of Florida Virtual School found, “One reason that online programs are so attractive to today’s students is that they make it possible to arrange classes beyond school-bell boundaries. With admission to colleges and universities becoming more competitive each year, students load up on Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate programs, honors credits, and college-level courses. Virtual schools offer them more options and the flexibility to fit the additional coursework into their schedules.”

It also makes it easier for busy parents to choose to homeschool. Whether they enroll in a virtual private school or use online or computer-based curriculum on their own, much of the planning, grading and organization is done for the parent. Instead of spending countless hours on lesson planning and running around looking for books and videos to supplement their homeschooling, most of this is done for them. Many of the computer-based options include online games, educational videos and other interactive media to make the lessons come to life for the students.

Some students enrolled in a virtual school or another computer-based program can complete almost everything they need right from the computer. Other programs are just meant to increase learning and retention on subjects and are best when used as supplements to a more complete curriculum.

Since all homeschooling options are not the same, parents are still ultimately responsible for making sure that online or computer-based curriculum is a good choice for their children. They should do adequate research on the available options to find the best choices for their families and situations. Researching options and reading reviews from other parents and educators can help determine which programs will meet each student’s needs.

While the traditional textbooks may never totally go away, more and more kids no longer think “school” is just a building or that their schoolwork needs to be a pile of papers and books. For many of today’s families, “school” is simply where students learn and technology is rapidly changing how and where that learning takes place. provides more information about many of the popular homeschooling curriculum choices available. Parents wanting to know more about what other parents are saying about various homeschool curriculum choices can visit to read reviews from visitors to the site.