Early Childhood Curriculum

Early childhood curriculum, early reading programs, and numerous other kinds of preschool curriculums created to develop smarter babies and toddlers, flood the market today.

All in an effort to get your money…

Yes, at the end of the day, companies behind these early reading programs, infant curriculum, and various other curriculum kits, want to do two things.

Of course they want your money, and if they want to stay in business, they also want to deliver on their promise to help your baby or toddler learn to read, learn math skills, or even develop “perfect pitch” with toddler curriculum on music.

As parents of five, including our baby angel, Elisio, we have over ten years of experience finding the best toddler curriculum available.

In fact, we are still looking for fun homeschool curriculum, creative curriculum, and preschool curriculum ideas to actively engage our children and help them develop as individuals who love to learn!

As parents, I believe we all want the best for our children.

Finding the Best Toddler Curriculum

So how do we know when we have found the best early childhood curriculum?

The best curriculum makes learning fun, in the context of love and joy!

Effective preschool curriculum does not replace you as your child’s teacher, it actually provides you with more bonding time between you and your baby or toddler.

Some of the best curriculum is not necessarily expensive either. In fact, some of it can be very inexpensive and sometimes even FREE.

Some examples include:

1. 5 x 8″ index cards used to print “word cards” for teaching your toddler to read, as outlined in the popular book Teach Your Baby to Read by Glenn Doman. There is probably a copy of this book at your local public library for FREE!

2. FREE library books with “real world” images for expanding your child’s background knowledge.

3. FREE library books that are filled with rhyming phrases, such as the popular Dr. Seuss series, for developing your toddler’s phonemic awareness or simply the ability to recognize rhyming sounds and word patterns.

Why is Early Childhood Curriculum So Important?

According to the latest research on infant brain development, conducted by the Institutes for the Development of Human Potential, we know that babies and toddlers learn faster and easier the younger they are when we give them the opportunity to learn something new.

That is why, selecting the best preschool curriculum is so important early in your child’s life.

When shopping for early childhood curriculum, it is so important to get your questions answered first.

Of course, as a parent, getting your questions answered by other parents is the way to go.

Infomercials, and the companies behind the best marketed preschool curriculum, will do their best to tell you what you want to hear.

Rule # 1: Always talk with a parent who has successfully used the preschool curriculum before purchasing anything…Ask them how the curriculum helped them achieve their desired results.

Toddler Reading Curriculum…that works!

More and more information on early childhood curriculum focused on “baby reading,” is becoming accessible, as parents are proud to share their results on YouTube videos, blogs, and even entire websites that center around baby reading.

Parents are also happy to share preschool curriculum ideas about the various early reading programs they have used to successfully teach their babies and toddlers how to read.

Click the link above, or visit You-Tube and see what can be accomplished with your baby or toddler when using effective early reading curriculum.


More than anything else, know that if you openly express your love for your children, read and play with them daily, and discover creative curriculum and preschool curriculum ideas that increase the time you spend teaching them, your children will benefit for a lifetime!