Effective Homeschooling of High School Aged Students

Homeschooling of high school kids is in many ways vastly different from teaching the younger children. For starters, high school kids are about to enter the transitional period into adulthood and need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to enter a vocation or continue on to higher learning. Thus, homeschooling high school age kids takes a lot more planning and consideration than it did before. Here are some factors that go into planning your child’s high school years in home school and some considerations you need to make.

Why High School Homeschooling is Different

There are several factors that make homeschooling high school age kids different from the younger ones. These include:

  • More reliance on outside resources
  • The need to prepare for post-secondary education
  • More focus on writing
  • More detail to record-keeping requirements
  • Different goals of the student (academic/vocational/artistic)
  • Preparation for adult life (self-sufficiency, time management)
  • More time for immersion into passions

Some of the material that high school kids study may not be what you are comfortable teaching. Advanced calculus would be an example if you don’t have any education in it. Now, you have to rely on outside resources such as advanced math tutors.

If your child is seeking out a college or university, the need to write is of even greater importance because it encompasses the work that most higher-learning students must do.

It is important to follow the record-keeping requirements as directed by your state. These are needed in order to award a valid high school diploma.

One nice thing about homeschooling is that your child doesn’t have to wait for the resources needed for new avenues of learning. Nor does your child have to waste time with all of the outside social pressures that students in public high schools have to deal with. This means there is more time for your student to immerse in his or her passions be it art, music, computers, or whatever.

Subjects to Teach

There are subjects that you will need to make sure that your homeschool high school student gets educated in such as:

  • Advanced English (literature, writing)
  • Knowledge of the world around them
  • Sciences (physics, biology, chemistry)
  • Advanced mathematics (geometry, trigonometry)
  • Foreign Languages

Teaching your high school kid about the world around them encompasses a wide range of social studies subjects such as world and U.S. history, geography, and civics. In recent years, public schools in the U.S. have not focused on history but you as a homeschool teacher have the freedom to make sure that your child has this fundamental learning.

Preparation for College

If your homeschool high school student has plans to attend college or university then detailed documentation of their work is crucial. Also, you need to ensure that your child has some of the basic skills needed to survive in college. Thus, you need to consider such areas as:

  • Producing transcripts
  • Fulfilling state requirements
  • Checking college requirements
  • Communication skills (speaking, writing composition)
  • Problem solving skills
  • Life skills (managing money, taking care of oneself, etc.)

Did you know that many post-secondary institutions will accept a transcript from homeschool? If you make sure that it is printed well and lists the courses that your child has completed may will do just that.

Knowing your homeschool high school student’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests is of utmost importance to providing an effective program of instruction. By taking into consideration everything mentioned here and applying it to your particular situation you can ensure that your child can make the transition into adulthood and take on a vocation or pursue post-secondary education. Take an inventory today of what your high school age child in homeschool needs to make this transition successfully.