Extra credit: 25 non-traditional subjects to teach in your homeschool

One of the fabulous things about homeschooling is that we can pass on so much more knowledge to our children. Not only can we teach them the basics like basic math and American history, but we can also teach them math tricks and family history.

We can also take the time to teach them skills that will serve them well in adulthood, such as preserving foods and doing basic auto maintenance.

Here’s a list of 25 possible subjects to teach in your homeschool that are “outside of the box.” These are just ideas to get you thinking. Use them as jumping-off points to develop your own family lists.

See the resources below for specific suggestions on where to find classes and programs to teach these subjects in the Mankato area.

  1. Natural remedies
  2. Native American culture and history
  3. Budgeting
  4. Canning, freezing and preserving foods
  5. Hand crafts like knitting, rug making and crocheting
  6. Wood working
  7. Baby care
  8. Family history and geneology
  9. Sign language
  10. Homemaking skills such as laundry
  11. Gardening
  12. Car maintenance
  13. Healthy relationships (domestic violence information, how to deal with conflicts with loved ones, etc.)
  14. Sewing and darning
  15. Community Service
  16. Baking and cooking from scratch
  17. Self defense
  18. Yoga and/or meditation
  19. Web design and computer programming
  20. Non-traditional math techniques like short division
  21. Home repairs
  22. Latin
  23. Foraging
  24. Stress relief and anger management
  25. Frugal living

Where to find support in teaching subjects like these:

Look at all different parts of your community for great ways to help kids learn skills like these. Community education programs frequently have classes on subjects like web design and preserving foods. Residents of senior communities are often happy to pass on skills and knowledge to young generations. Friends, family members and neighbors all probably have priceless knowledge they can share with your kids.

In the Mankato area:

The Center for Earth Spirituality and Rural Ministry at the School Sisters of Notre Dame frequently offers classes on subjects such as organic gardening, bread making and preserving foods. The Jeffers Petroglyphs offers programs on subjects such as nature, science and local Native American culture and history. Mankato Community Education and Recreation offers a wealth of classes and programs, as well.

What’s on your family’s list?