Free Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum

The Internet has made it possible for anyone with a passion and web design skills to create a website, and homeschoolers love to share. Consequently, there are several resources online for Christian homeschoolers, including free curriculum at every grade level and other websites for homeschool families.

Ambleside Online Free Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum

By far, the most popular free online homeschooling curriculum for Christians is Ambleside Online. This curriculum has several downloadable resources (mostly classical literature) as well as email discussion forums for its members. Parents use the email and message board as a support forum. Lists of materials are laid out for easy planning and lessons are divided down for every grade level and every day of the year.

Ambleside is modeled after the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling and users are urged to learn about her work and philosophies. The curriculum spans Kindergarten through 12th grade and has deviations for all types of learners.

The Puritan Network Free Homeschool Curriculum

The Puritan Network in conjunction with the Westminster Covenant Academy has released a free curriculum for Christian homeschoolers, called Puritan Home School Curriculum. Several courses are listed with free downloadable ebooks for both students and teachers. Free textbooks for download are written specifically for this curriculum. Students are also provided with links to other important free online courses, especially at the high school level, where they’re urged to master Advanced Placement (AP) courses, in preparation for college.

The Puritan Home School Curriculum begins at a kindergarten level, with the memorization of Bible verses and Biblical character training lesson plans. Heavy academics aren’t introduced until the middle school and high school years.

Free High School and College Level Courses

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers free Open Course Ware. No registration or login is required to have access to video lectures, notes and online tests from real MIT classes. A section of their site, called “Highlights for High School” offers a complimentary email newsletter to help teens prepare for college, using the free curricula available on the site. Studying at a college level is one way to be sure students are prepared when they decide to further their education. Even without college plans, just for the sake of learning, the MIT curricula is fast-paced and multi-disciplinary.

This has been called the “Information Age” because of the rapid growth of the Internet. No longer must homeschoolers seek out specialists to answer children’s questions, when resources like and are available. Information is everywhere, and sharing it is as easy as clicking.