Free Science Curriculums for Homeschoolers

The country’s economic downturn has put quite a few families in a financial bind, which means they have to decide where they want to cut back on expenses. For homeschooling families it can mean having to decide between a high price curriculum, making your own curriculum, or using a free curriculum that can be found online. There are several well written science curriculums online that are offered for free that are chock full of great information. Here are a three of my favorites.

Otter Science from Los Banos Homeschoolers

The Otter Science program from Los Banos Homeschoolers is a free multi-level literature based program that works great for families who have children of varying ages. This science program spends the entire year dealing with the human body.

There are three levels to the Otter Science program, Little Otter’s Science, Otter’s Elementary Science, and Big Otter’s Science. All three levels are designed to study the same subject at the same time.

Little Otter’s Science is designed for use with children preschool age through first grade. Otter’s Elementary Science is designed for students in grades two through sixth, although she states that it could be used for students as old as eighth grade. Big Otter’s Science is designed for use with students in high school.

You can view and download the Otter Science program by visiting the Los Banos website.

The Lab of Mister Q Elementary Life Science

The Lab of Mister Q offers three different science curriculums for elementary students, Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. The Lab of Mister Q offers the first book in the series Life Science for free.

The Life Science curriculum is a thirty-six week course that covers topics such as Basic Needs and Resources, Biomes, Life Cycles, Classification, Food Webs, Senses, Body Organs, Cells, and Health and Nutrition.

There are both parent and student texts that can be downloaded by chapter or unit. They also offer online resources for each chapter.

To view and download the Lab of Mister Q Elementary Science curriculum you can visit the Lab of Mister Q website.

The JASON Project

The JASON Project is not a curriculum like the previous two. It is an online curriculum that is free to use. Designed for middle school students this is a complete science curriculum that’s multi-media aspect will thrill computer savvy middle school students.

To learn more about the JASON Project and to register for it for free you can visit the Jason Project website.