Home School High School – What Happens if Math Is Not Working?

For homeschooling parents, the concern with failing at high school math is quite possibly right up there with the anxiety about death or public speaking.

Whenever the curriculum you are currently working with is not working for your student, you might want to take into consideration incorporating a tutor. It doesn't have to be a math professor or anything. Usually just another high school student that is farther along in math will do the trick. They will talk the same language that way.

I did provide my students the answer key to their math books and only took it away on test day. My youngest hardly ever used it, however my eldest would work with the answer key for pretty much every problem, at times nearly copying it one number at a time. But you know, it ended up being just like copywork when they were younger and would copy sentences. Finally, he “got it. “

For additional problems, you can find workbooks available for Algebra 1. They usually are not costly – perhaps $10? You may even come across them at the library.

My eldest “failed” algebra 1, because he was using a book that did not work for him. We switched to Jacobs Algebra and he repeated algebra 1. He did MUCH better. Jacobs has wonderfully written explanations. Perhaps your child might learn better with written, as opposed to visual, instruction. My older son is now getting straight As in electrical engineering at the university – so there IS hope, despite a failure!