Home Schooling Your High School Student

Parents home schooling their high school students in the Memphis area have a number of choices of where to enroll their students. Our family has always enrolled with Gateway Christian Schools on Macon Road in Memphis. With Gateway Christian Schools’ total home education program, our family is able to choose our own curriculum, subject to Gateway’s approval. With the total home education program, you must submit a registration form for each student enrolled, listing subject titles and your chosen curriculum.Once enrolled, the parent(s) must submit a grade report to the school after the first and second semesters.

Students entering high school in the State Of Tennessee are now required to complete 22 credit hours for graduation. With the total home education program at Gateway Christian Schools, a student may acquire up to three high school core curriculum credits before entering ninth grade. Be sure to discuss this with the school to be sure you are choosing acceptable subjects. Earning a few credits before high school is to your advantage, because the number of credits required for high school keeps rising, giving students a very full schedule.

Students may also get permission for dual enrollment as a portion of their home education program. With appropriate permission, it may be possible for high school juniors and seniors to receive both high school and college credit for certain courses. Students must be approved for dual enrollment by Gateway before the first day of classes in order to earn high school credit for their dual enrollment courses.

Gateway Christian Schools also has an extension center for parents who do not choose the total home education program. With the extension program, students work at their own pace, and the school provides self instructional materials, weekly testing and tutoring on campus. You can learn more about both the total home education program and the extension program at http://www.gatewaychristianschools.com/ .

Some families use the public school board of education or other local private Christian schools as an umbrella or covering for their home school. When enrolling with the board of education or a private school, the school will usually provide the required curriculum and regular testing.

I have seen advertisements for high school correspondence courses where you can get a high school diploma in as little as 18 months. If considering one of these options, be careful to check state laws and requirements. If any of the readers have gotten a diploma this way, or if you know someone who has, I would like to know more about it.

In addition to choosing a school and curriculum, Memphis and the surrounding area has an overwhelming spectrum of elective opportunities for your high school students. Whether your student is interested in sports, music, academics or anything else, you will probably be able to find a group they can join or a class they can take to pursue extracurricular activities. You can find out about many of these opportunities by joining a local home school group. If you can’t find the opportunity you desire, you might consider starting a group or class of your own!