Homeschool Curriculum: No Boundaries

If you are thinking of getting your child into a homeschool curriculum but still don’t have any idea on how it works, then you might have a difficult time looking for something that will fit him. Homeschool programs can be availed from both public and private schools, and often they already have pre-set course packages to help you better in choosing. But before making your decision, what you first need to take a look at are your child’s skills, interests and abilities, and make sure that you choose something that will go well with them.

Homeschool programs provide children with a different learning experience since they are getting their education at the comfort of their own homes. This is usually a choice for those not satisfied with the schools in their area or for those who live significantly far from the nearest school and find it impractical to travel great distances.

Professional tutors employed by an accredited institution handle these programs, but there are also instances where parents take on this job too. One advantage is that it allows for better supervision on the learning progress of the child, and he can be better trained since the teacher is focused exclusively on him.

A wide range of study materials and methods can be used by those wanting to undergo schooling at home. Numerous educational philosophies can be employed by parents for their child and can include Classical Education, Montessori Method, Thomas Jefferson Education, and many more.

Home school programs can also come in the form of online education. In this method of learning, students have access to different courses, online training, and even educational games. It gives students access to specialized educational materials and allow for a more flexible educational schedule.

Issuance of formal records and transcripts can be a problem for some individuals undergoing a home school curriculum should they desire to enroll in college. In almost all states in the US, parents are allowed to provide the transcripts of their children in high school level. It is also recommended that students in this program properly maintain their records.

Also, colleges and universities in the United States are becoming more open to admitting students from a wide range of backgrounds, especially those who have undergone a home school curriculum. Recent data cites that these students have entered many well-known universities and colleges, including prestigious schools like Stanford University, Cornell University and Harvard University.

Studies have shown that on the average, home schooled students perform better in standard exams than those in a regular classroom setting. The academic integrity of home schooling programs is supported by the NHERI or National Home Education Research Institute through their study known as the Home Schooling Achievement. There is also enough evidence to show that students under this program are able to learn more and have better performance when it comes to college admission exams like SAT and ACT. You might be even surprised that well-known personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Wyeth, Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Edison have all undergone such education at certain points in their lives.

Getting a home school curriculum for your child can be quite a challenging task. It is very important that you first understand the skills, interest and capabilities of your child before choosing a particular course for him. There is simply no single curriculum that can meet your child’s educational needs; you have to consider a combination of suitable homeschool programs in order for it to be more effective and provide him with best possible learning.