Homeschool Curriculum Standards Print Checklists

The following printable curriculum guides represent academic standards based on the World Book “Typical Course of Study” for preschool through high school, which is based on the Nault-Caswell-Brain Analysis of Courses of Study, the Nault-Fischer-Passow Analysis of Courses of Study, and the Caswell-Nault Analysis of Courses of Study, as well as a survey of contemporary courses of study, curriculum guides, syllabuses, and other instructional publications with analyses and reviews by curriculum experts.

Curriculum standards may also be referred to as “academic learning requirements” or “grade level expectations” depending on local terminology. These academic learning requirements do not necessarily dictate a particular teaching method or learning style. Standards provide general performance expectations for each age grade level. Homeschooling students may meet performance expectations through any chosen course of study or educational method.

Printable Curriculum Standards Checklists

Each grade level curriculum guide includes general subject categories and lists of topics to cover. Overall, the general subject categories include Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Health and Safety, and Mathematics.

General Subject Categories

  • Social Studies includes geography, history, government, and sociology (culture and human relations).
  • Science includes biology, botany, geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, environmental conservation, psychology, etc.
  • Language Arts includes letter recognition, phonics, reading, spelling, writing, composition, research, etc.
  • Health and Safety includes physical health, mental health, nutrition, fitness, anatomy, disease and illness, accident prevention, first aid, etc.
  • Mathematics includes basic math, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, probability and statistics, etc.

Subjects by Grade Level

  • Preschool: Size, Colors and Shapes, Reading Readiness, Numbers, Position and Direction, Time, Listening and Sequencing, Motor Skills, and Social-Emotional Development.
  • Kindergarten: Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Health and Safety, and Mathematics.
  • Elementary (Grades 1-5): Social Studies, Science, Language Arts (Reading), Health and Safety, and Mathematics.
  • Middle School/Junior High School (Grades 6-8): Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Health and Safety, and Mathematics.
  • High School (Grades 9-12): Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Mathematics (Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Probability and Statistics).

Curriculum standards checklists provide homeschool parents with a convenient tool for planning and evaluating each homeschool year. Additionally, a posted curriculum checklist provides homeschool students with an easy source of ideas for topics to study and a quick reference of general requirements.

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Source: World Book, Inc. How the Typical Course of Study was prepared., 2009