Homeschool Musical Instrument Made-By-Hand Project Idea – What's the best option?

Hello, as part of my homeschool curriculum, I have opted to test my Do-it-Yourself skills by attempting to build a musical instrument of choice. I have never done thi before and the choices before me range from guitar to piano, even trumpet, all of which seem quite complex. Do you have any ideas, videos or plans that show how to build a simple musical instrument at home? What kind would be best?

Try your hand at percussion instruments like xylophone or marimba. It's the easiest kind of instrument you can make yourself at home without the need for extensive tools.

There are 2 kinds of xylophones:

* Metal Xylophone

* Wood Xylophone

A homemade wood xylophone is good for beginners while metal xylophones made from copper or aluminum are great DIY projects for experienced craftsmen.

I tried it when I was in 7th or 8th grade.

A simple drill with wood drill bits; pieces of hardwood from the backyard and a graduated set of metal bars shaped in the form of keys, and I had my first ever xylophone up by the next day.

A simple box-resonated xylophone can be created in less than a day if you have help from parents or a friend who knows basic carpentry or metal working stuff.