Homeschool Science Curriculum – What Are Your Options?

A homeschool science curriculum should be an important part of every homeschool. We live in a complex world in which science is all around us – from our cell phones to music downloads to solutions associated with global warming. If parents want their children to be able to compete in a global, technological economy, then parents who homeschool their children should take care to make sure their children are being exposed to science. This article explores several options for homeschooling science.

Each of the above offers uniques perspectives on the teaching of science in homeschools. But how does a parent decide which curriculum is best for their children? Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. One thing is certain, if parents decide to go with a particular school, then they will use whatever science curriculum is provided by that school. For instance, there are Montessori, Waldorf, Sonlight, unit studies, and many other homeschooling schools. Again, how is a parent to decide?

Sorry, but there is no quick and easy way. Parents need to review the websites of the various schools, talk with friends and relatives, check out homeschool online forums and consult with those people to whom they look for advice on vital matters. However, whatever decision parents make, they will want to make the best decision for their children.

This article has sought to inform parents of some of their choices for science education which is critical to the development of a well rounded child who is able to compete in our highly technological and global society.

This author is amazed at the variety of homeschool science curriculum. There are at least the following:

o Alpha Omega Lifepac Curriculum
Bob Jones Science Curriculum
Switched-on Schoolhouse Science Curriculum
Real Science 4 Kids
God’s Design Curriculum
o Teaching Tank
o Castle Heights Science Curriculum
Other Science Curriculum
Lyrical Learning
Stratton House
Eagle’s Wings
Moody Science Videos
Apologia Curriculum