Homeschooling in California Declared Legal

The Neven’s are involved in homeschooling through the United States and had a major role in the California Homeschool Case of 2008.

Terry and Laura Neven live in Southern California and are an esteemed couple who minister to homeschool families throughout California and the United States. Recently, the Nevens were personally involved in the California homeschool case declaring it legal for a non-credentialed parent to teach their own child at home. The school they principal was named in the case. The landmark homeschool ruling was handed down August 8, 2008!

Terry Neven was born in Chicago, Illinois, comes from a family of 12 children, and moved to California in his teen years. He graduated from Saint Anthony’s in Long Beach California (1971), became a Christian that summer, and began attending Community Chapel. After graduating from Southern California Community Bible College he became a Youth Pastor at Community Christian Center in Sunland, California (1977). He was the founding pastor of Sunland Household of Faith (1979) which later merged with San Fernando Foursquare Church (1991). Terry was the Senior Pastor of these two churches between 1979 – 1993. He founded Sunland Christian School, a national homeschool program, in 1986, produced and hosted a radio broadcast, “Educating Our Children,” for 8 years, established California Home Educators in 1989 and, with the assistance of homeschool and public school colleagues, started the National Independent Study Accreditation Council in 1997.

Terry had become involved in homeschooling in 1981 with Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore (deceased), Johnathan Lindval and John Boston. He attended the first CHEA conference and met Michael Smith and Michael Farris during the beginnings of HSLDA. Terry, by invitation, assisted Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family, in moderating a homeschool conference in Arrowhead Springs, California. Terry helped encourage and support Roy Hanson as he established a Christian watchdog organization in Sacramento. In addition to being a guest on various radio and television shows focusing on homeschooling, he was recently in the national news in relationship to the California Appellate Court homeschool case. This case was historical, declaring for the first time through the California court system, homeschooling as legal. Today, Terry and Laura Neven continue to participate in defending homeschool rights in California. The Nevens encourage others and welcome the support of, and interaction with, any and all homeschool organizations.

Terry was the chairman for Verdugo Hills High School (LAUSD) Parent/Community Committee during VHHS’ accreditation process in the mid 90′s. He attended the WASC accreditation training under the leadership of Marilyn George from WASC. Terry is a member of the California Association Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance (CASWAA) and served as vice-president of the Verdugo Hills High School PTA. Mr. Neven holds a bachelor’s degree in Theology from the Southern California Community Bible College. Besides leadership training through Fuller Theological Seminary, he is a graduate of the Valley Leadership Institute (2002). He completed the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Leadership Development Academy for Private School Principals (2005). Terry has received congratulatory certificates from the California State Assembly, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and the City of Los Angeles, California.

Laura Neven was born and raised in the suburban area of Sylmar and has attended and served in the same church throughout her life. Laura was a preschool teacher for 13 years and served as a leader in her church for the past 10 years. She has been involved in ministry to seniors, lay leadership and had begun pursuing local pastor ministry through her church. During the past 13 years she has served Sunland Christian School as an Area Coordinator and began working full time with her husband in accounting, record keeping, testing, speaking at parent meetings, and counseling families.


Sunland Christian School ( – SCS is a national homeschool program, established in 1986, has served over 3000 students. SCS offers a variety of homeschool programs; home study, independent study, distance learning, and online courses.

California Home Educators – ( CHE offers legal defense memberships to homeschoolers in California, testing services to families in Southern California, Amicus Briefs for homeschool families to help them continue homeschooling while working through a divorce, and provides counsel for schools and organizations who have or desire to establish their own homeschool program.

National Independent Study Accreditation Council ( – NISAC is an accreditation council designed by homeschool administrators with the assistance of California public school personnel. Its purpose is to provide encouragement, support and accreditation for homeschool programs. NISAC is a California nonprofit 501(c)3 with federal and state tax exempt status, established in 1997, and continues to endeavor expanding its services and membership.

Francis Dominic