Homeschooling In California – What Are Your Options?

Homeschooling in California is vibrant. Over 200 thousand children in California are now being homeschooled.

The possibilities for homeschooling in California were severely limited in February 2008 when a California judge ruled that only persons with a credentialed teaching degree could now teach children. But in August of that year, the same court changed its decision. If you declare your home to be a private school, your children may be taught by anyone whether they have teaching credentials or not.

But if you want to homeschool your children in California, and you would like to stay within the law, then what are your options? This article tries to clear up the legal situation.

California Homeschooling Options

Basically, homeschooling laws in California give you 4 options for homeschooling. You are free to pick the one that most suits you and your family:

You declare your home to be a private school

This option has the least restrictions and red tape. But you still have to comply with the homeschooling laws in California. Each year between October 1st and October 15th, you have to fill in a Private School Affidavit (R4 Form) . The teacher does not have to have formal teaching qualifications.

You do need to keep an attendance and you have to have a faculty record