Homeschooling Your Preschooler

Today, a lot of parents are choosing to homeschool their preschooler. Finding the right curriculum is an important first step here. After all, this is your child’s first introduction to organized learning and you want this to be a positive experience. Luckily, you have a lot to choose from today. The best way to figure out what is going to work best for your preschooler is to discern what type of learning style your child has. There are 3 main types:

1.Auditory learners will learn best by hearing things. If your child is able to repeat things back to you that you did not even think he heard, you probably have an auditory learner on your hands.

2.Visual learners will learn best by seeing. A child who excels here can tell you details about a picture that he has just seen, without looking at it while describing it.

3.Kinesthetic learners will learn best by doing things. These children normally have very strong feelings and emotions.

Once you have decide what type of a learning style your child embraces best, there are some different types of curriculum that you can choose from:

1.Sonlight offers a comprehensive homeschool preschool curriculum that offers everything that your child will need to learn. This curriculum will save you time by providing you with everything that you need.

2.”Before Five in a Row” contains a lot of great ideas to help you gently teach your preschooler to enjoy being a life-long learner. This includes numerous simple ideas and activities that are centered around 23 great books for children. There is also a section that will give you ideas of daily activities that you can do with your child.

3.”Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons” is a book that contains a proven successful reading program. This is a step-by-step way in which you can teach your child phonics and sound blends. It will help your child, who is between 3 and 6-years-old, learn to read quickly. There are 100 lessons in this book, each of which is 20 minutes long. This book is easy to use for both you and your child too. Research has shown that once these children complete this book, they will be reading on a second grade level. You can also purchase supplemental items such as a training video tape, a training audio tape, flashcards, and a full-sized sounds sheets with this book.

4.Another option is to create your own lesson plans. This can be a more appealing option for those who want a curriculum that is truly tailored to meet their child’s needs. Oftentimes, this is referred to as “eclectic homeschooling.” Herein you have the ability to pick and choose what you want to use to teach your child the things that you want him to learn. For instance, you may decide to use “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons” for English, Sonlight for math and Before Five In A row for general studies. You can even use store bought workbooks. The options are endless here because you are the one who is putting the curriculum together.