How can i drop out of high school and get on home school?

In school there is this school psychologist that is really strict & hard on kids being absent & dropping out of high school. I want to get on an home schooling program because i have severe medical problems and i can't attend school a lot. How can i get my parents to agree with this? How can i drop out and get on home school and get a high school? Please help me!

You wouldn't be “dropping out”, you would simply switch from public school to homeschooling.

First, check out your state laws at .

I suggest an online school.

You could check to see if or is available for you. Those two are free, it's just public school online.

To get your parents to agree you need to do research and present it to them in a mature way. Show them that you are serious about your education and that you think homeschooling is what's best. Maybe show them pros AND cons about it. You can't entirely convince them to homeschool you, after all, they ARE the parents, but you can steer them into choosing it.

I wish you luck!