How can I effectively sell these online?

I have a ton of un-used homeschool curriculum that I need to sell. How can I effectively sell them online for good prices. Like which sites…how to except payments, shipping and stuff like that…


Depends on the type of materials and how much time you want to put into it. Many homeschoolers sell on; selling teacher's editions there can be a problem but the bidding format helps you to get the best price possible and after you've sold a few items, the rating system will help reassure buyers that you aren't going to cheat them. Others like places such as on their homeschool forums, or one of the many Yahoo! Groups devoted to buying and selling curriculum where there are no fees for listing but also fewer customers looking and fewer safeguards for buyer and seller. There are lots and lots of sites devoted to buying and selling homeschool curricula. If the curriculum is popular, you might try selling it on websites devoted to that particular curriculum or to methods of homeschooling that favor that curriculum. (Knowing which methods use which curricula can help a lot in finding the best places to sell.)

The more information you include in listings, the more likely a sale. Bare minimum is to include title, grade level, and condition. Including additional information such as author or publisher, summary of the book or list of chapters included or other description of the material will help. Links to reviews can help. Photos of the actual material is good, too. Basically, the more information you include, the more likely buyers are to find the material and decide to buy it. However, including lots of information takes up your time…

Do some research first. Check out the prices that the same (or similar) curricula in similar condition is selling for, so you can price your materials competively. Having a set price for shipping, or even including it in the price, can help the materials sell faster; if you are selling books, media mail is usually the least expensive method of shipping–so check out those prices with the post office.

You'll want to consider whether to require insurance. Some sellers do, in case items are lost in transit; but it will up your costs which will lose some sales.

You'll want to consider whether to include tracking. Some sellers do so customers can track the package and so they have proof that they sent the item (or that the person on the other end received it), but again, it causes costs to go up and you'll have to consider if that is worth it to you or not.

Paypal is one convenient and fast way to accept payments. Money orders or bank checks can work well, too. If you accept personal checks, you'll want to state upfront that you'll hold the checks for 7 to 10 days in order to give your bank time to make sure they clear before sending out the merchandise.

Good luck.