How do you homeschool a kindergartner and preschooler?

My 4 year old son is already reading. I am a teacher, so I've always read to him and he has taken a natural interest in letters and words. I haven't really been pushy about it, I just answer questions when he asks. Being that he will not enter kindergarten until NEXT fall (2007) I am seriously considering homeschooling him and his sister (now 2 1/2). I feel like they would get a better education at home than in the public school near us. Should I begin formal instruction with my son? I've read a lot of things saying that homeschooling preschool and kindergarten is very loose, and you shouldn't push much of a curriculum. I was wondering what others are doing with their kindergartners. And what do I do with my 2 1/2 year old while I teach him?

Go to They promote LEGAL, RESPONSIBLE homeschooling. You can find out what is required to legally homeschool your child in your state. The laws are different in every one, but it is legal everywhere in the USA. Especially find out what the “compulsory school age” is in your state. That is the age that you need to either put your child in public school or offically home school your son. You may not be required to do anything official until he is 6. Then you can just keep up the good work until then. Include your little one in the reading, but otherwise, simply allow your youngest to play quietly or nap while you have school time with the older one. With homeschooling, your scedule is very flexible, so do what works for you!

If you do need/want a curriculum, there is an ocean of curriculums out there, and it can be intimidating to wade through them. I would recommend starting with a guide by either Mary Pride or Cathy Duffy. They are experienced homeschoolers that review curriculums and publish their well-informed opinions about them. Look for books and websites by them. After choosing a curriculum, you can often get used books on e-bay, and several websites like have good prices on new curriculum.