How much should I charge for homeschool?

I used to teach at a preschool and since then I became a part of a play group program thats based on preschool structure. I am getting paid $100 a day to teach 4-5 children once a week. If i was to homeschool 1 child apart from the playgroup how much should i charge?

I don't think there would be any particular set price, but it would depend on your area. Some comparisons might be music lessons, which are generally $20-40/half hour. You might check the costs for tutoring (which are about the same as music lessons). Finally, you need to consider the cost of materials. If you are purchasing a curriculum, that would need to be included.

Many parents swap teaching responsibilities in homeschool groups for free (maybe moreso in Indiana :) but I think charging for teaching isn't a bad idea at all.