How to Start Homeschooling in Colorado

There are two main options for homeschooling in Colorado each with only minimum state controls. This makes beginning a homeschool program easy. Here is a guide to beginning a homeschool program in Colorado.

How do I start Homeschooling in Colorado?

To begin homeschooling in Colorado, the parent must notify the school district 2 weeks (14 days) before beginning the homeschool program. You can find a sample of a letter of intent to homeschool in Colorado here.

What are my homeschooling options in Colorado?

The parent can choose to teach the child at home which is recognized in the state as a legitimate alternative to classroom instruction. Alternately, parents may enroll their children in an independent private school that oversees their home school program.

Are there compulsory attendance laws in Colorado?

There are compulsory attendance laws in Colorado dictate that children are educated from ages six to 17. Homeschoolers must notify the district that you intend to begin homeschooling by August 1st of the year that the child turns six, but you don’t have to begin instruction until they are seven.

Are there any specific regulations a homeschooler in Colorado must follow?

Homeschooling parents must maintain attendance records and immunization records for their homeschooled children. Homeschooled children must be tested in grades the third, fifth, seventh, and night graded. The Colorado Student Assessment program is available to them, but parents may opt to choose another course of testing. The parent. guardian, or adult relative of a child may homeschool. The minimum amount of instructional days in the year is 172, and instruction should take place 4 hours a day.

Can Colorado homeschoolers use public school programs?

Colorado homeschoolers may use public school programs provided the students at the school’s discretion. The student must meet eligibility requirements, and comply with the same rules that the public school students follow. The school may opt to charge a fee for participation in school activities.

What curriculum should I use?

Homeschoolers are responsible for choosing their own curriculum. The options are endless. Check with fellow homeschoolers online, at homeschool support groups, and at homeschool curriculum fairs.

Does my homeschooled child need to be tested?

Homeschooled students in Colorado must be tested every other year beginning in the third grade. They make take the test with the school district at the request of the parent, or they may use private testing services. Homeschoolers do not have to take the CSAP test.