Introduction to Abeka Curriculum

Instead of being overwhelmed with the thought of teaching your child yourself, consider researching which home-based schooling program is most suitable for you and your child. Abeka curriculum is a faith based Christian curriculum. It is actually one of the most famous homeschooling curriculums that give an insight into the religious values of Christians from a young age, so that children grow up to be well-versed in religious matters.

Abeka curriculum is a comprehensive and extensive package that is inclusive of teaching guides, templates for tests, suggested teaching plans and also proficiently written textbooks. Due to this, Abeka curriculum is said to be a very onerous and demanding curriculum. Despite all this, Abeka curriculum is extremely popular with hardworking parents and children. The hype associated with Abeka takes root from the fact that it has produced studious students who have gotten admission into major colleges of the country recently. It is also an established fact that the first grade of Abeka curriculum is corresponding with the second grade in public school; because of this, parents consider homeschooling a better option rather than public schooling.

Abeka curriculum offers one of the most informative and well written books on all subjects with colorful illustrations to keep the interest of the child. Quality education, proper manuals and a standard teaching program is what defines Abeka curriculum, according to the people who have used it and are satisfied with it.

Abeka curriculum is also a taxing program; it needs a lot of hard work from the parents and children alike. For subjects like Mathematics, do not make your child do all the worksheets and questions. Assign few and check if your child has understood the concept. If affirmative, do not go assigning 50 questions of the same topic.

Whether you want to enrich your child with the information of faith or elevate his basic knowledge about important subjects to give a solid start to his academic career, Abeka curriculum is the best option you can opt for. Lessons are concise, brief and to the point. History, Mathematics and Language material are all up to the standard and are more progressive and detailed than normal public schooling material. Mathematics is the only exhausting exercise, but depending on your own preference and better knowledge, you can choose to ignore the monotonous questions and utilize that same time in teaching other subjects or critically evaluating math skills of your child.

Bear in mind that Abeka curriculum is one of the most exorbitant Christian curriculums available in the market. If the latest books, guides and lesson plans are not suited to your budget, you can opt for used books since they are equally good. However, you should only choose Abeka curriculum if you have enough time to go through the strenuous exercises and lengthy texts mentioned in the manual for teachers and the books. This is a very challenging process, so you should be well-informed about the time it requires.