Lifepac Homeschool Curriculum Kits: A Review

Basic homeschool curriculum’s are meant to last a total of 10 months allowing children to have July and August off. Some curriculum’s are impossible to finish on time and others finish up too early. So either you run out of curriculum or you have left overs. What I love about the Lifepacs is that all the information for the year is separated into 10 individual booklets. One booklet for each month of the school year. It keeps your child on target and provides them with a steady curriculum from start to finish.

Each packet comes with a teacher’s manual. There are no separate test sheets since the tests are in the student’s books. The answers to the tests are included in the teacher manual. There are several self tests for a student to take themselves before they get to the big test. The self tests help the student prepare for the larger exam.

Each booklet has a list of vocabulary words your student will need to learn and understand. Each section also comes with objectives so that both parent and child will know what they are expected to get out of the lessons. In other words, what they are required to learn. The workbooks are full of pictures, colors, and stories to keep your child’s attention.

When my daughter is handed one of the booklets she does not feel overwhelmed with all the information she has to learn. I believe it is because the packet looks small in comparison to a whole coursebook. This alleviates some of the school time stress and allows her to have fun focusing on what she is presently learning.

There are plenty of projects and real life suggestions that a parent can implement to make each lesson more beneficial to the child. Most of the projects also use items found in your own home. This is great if you are on a budget.

The Lifepac’s themselves are much cheaper in comparison to other Christian homeschool curriculum’s. I paid $35 for my Lifepac Science kit which was half the price I paid for my daughter’s Heritage Studies History curriculum from Bob Jones University (an excellent book by the way). So this curriculum is perfect for homeschoolers who are looking to save money.

I recommend this curriculum kit highly.