Little City Kids offers daily play-based world history curriculum (FREE)

Here’s an absolutely incredible free curriculum to teach your early elementary aged child about world history, geography and more.

Little City Kids offers thorough, daily lesson plans for 52 weeks of play-based, hands-on social studies lessons. While the Montessori-like curriculum was designed to be used in a museum’s “educational playcare,” every bit of it has been put online for others to use, absolutely free.

Little City Kids says:

There is nothing more important than to give a child the chance and the reason to develop a deep love of learning. It is not our goal to rush young children into acquiring academic knowledge. Rather, Little City Kids encourage each child to explore what he or she can do and to take pride in his or her personal achievement. We help children to develop positive attitudes toward themselves and everything associated with learning.

The weekly lessons are suitable for children from about preschool to first grade, though older children would certainly enjoy them. Each unit is broken down by day with very detailed plans that include crafts, activities, links, videos, book suggestions, teacher resources and even snack suggestions.

As an example, Week 32: Czarist Russia : Monday includes activities and information about Rembrandt, why planes fly, matching sounds, yoga poses, grace and courtesy, making stress bottles, bubbles, opera music and drawing.

Units include all different time periods and areas of the world:

Week 1: Dinosaurs
Week 2: Ice Age
Week 3: Stone Age
Week 4: Origins of Agriculture
Week 5: Ancient Egypt
Week 6: Minoan Civilization
Week 7: The Mycenaeans
Week 8: It’s All Greek to Me
Week 9: The Birth of Science
Week 10: Ancient China
Week 11: Middle East
Week 12: India, Land of Magic
Week 13: Thanksgiving, and Giving Thanks
Week 14: Japan, Land of the Rising Sun
Week 15: Israel & Judaism
Week 16: When in Rome…
Week 17: Christmas Traditions
Week 18: New Years Celebrations
Week 19: Africa & Kwanza
Week 20: Into the Arctic
Week 21: Ireland: Celtic Fairies, Myths & Legends
Week 22: Antarctica
Week 23: The Vikings
Week 24: Germanic Castles
Week 25: Italy, Birthplace of the Renaissance
Week 26: Spain Discovers Nautical Power
Week 27: France and the Late Renaissance
Week 28: Holland, the Enlightenment
Week 29: Medieval England
Week 30: Discovering the Americas
Week 31: Native American Discoveries
Week 32: Czarist Russia
Week 33: Colonial Times
Week 34: Heading West
Week 35: The Industrial Revolution
Week 36: Inventions and Discoveries
Week 37: Money Past and Present
Week 38: Ideas Taking Shape
Week 39: Outback Adventure
Week 40: The World at Odds
Week 41: A Worldly Affair
Week 42: All The Rage
Week 43: Space and Freedom
Week 44: Getting Connected
Week 45: Into Space
Week 46: Living on Another Planet
Week 47: Operation: Save the Earth
Week 48: An Animal’s Planet
Week 49: When I Grow Up…
Week 50: Time Capsule
Week 51: A Sleeping Dragon Awakes
Week 52: A Small, Small World
Week 52: That’s Like Awesome

This is an incredible resource that does an excellent job of combining learning, exploration and fun.

I would encourage parents to use the curriculum as inspiration and not worry too much about doing every bit of every day’s lesson plans. Just a fraction of the activities would be a wonderful extension to any homeschool.

Have fun!

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