Online Homeschool Programs

Parents can give several reasons why they would want to homeschool their child, including bullies, violence, schedules, child’s thought about school, because parents or students do not agree with the curriculum and more. Because there are so many reasons to consider homeschooling, it’s a good to go ahead and learn all you need to learn before you are put in a situation that you need or decide to homeschool your child.

One of the major concerns with parents on homeschooling is that they are afraid that they cannot provide enough curriculum choices for their child to stay up to date and current. Because of this concern you can find curriculum and other important information in your search for online homeschool programs. Below you will find a list of four online homeschool programs that you may want to consider to help you home school your child.

Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy is one of the online homeschool programs that you may want to consider. Here they offer a curriculum from kindergarten through grade 12. Once tuition is paid, you receive books, CDs, and all the other paper work necessary to help your child. This is a parent led course, which means that they will help you teach your child. You don’t need to spend hours coming up with a study course. You will receive everything that your child needs to learn from September through June of every year. They offer a wide variety of courses to suit your child’s interests. At Jubilee Academy they also provide online Bible study courses with the combination of all the other online work.

Grace Academy

The Grace Academy is another choice when you are trying to find online homeschool programs to help teach your child at home. They offer over 140 courses online for your child to choose from. They recommend that your middle and high school aged kids only participate online between two and four hours. Younger children are only recommended to stay online around one half to two hours per day. The rest of the study time should be done offline and with the guidance of their parents to finish out their studies. If your child is excelling in one or more subjects or if they are getting behind and struggling with a subject you can also adjust their level of learning not based on their age.

Time 4 Learning

Time 4 Learning is another choice for online homeschooling programs. This website provides free online curriculum that is geared for grades kindergarten through the eighth grade, as well as other courses that require payment. They provide a curriculum that is comparable to other curricula online and they cover the basic courses such as reading, spelling, comprehension and more. This also allows the students to work at the students own pace.

Laurel Springs

Laurel Springs is yet another suggestion for an online homeschooling program. Providing online courses for kindergarten through grade 12, you can feel good about all the choices you and your children will have in their education. There you will receive personalized support, college prep courses, a learning team created to work with each student, customized curriculum, over 350 web based and text courses. For parents you can visit the online interactive grade book or call the teacher by telephone for any questions or concerns.

If you feel overwhelmed about homeschooling for your child you are not alone. Parents are making the decision to homeschool everyday. You should check out online homeschooling programs in order to ease your mind. Your child can learn just as much, if not more, from an online homeschooling program, as compared to trying to create the program yourself or attending school where they may be easily distracted.