Saxon Math Curriculum Review

If you are a home-schooling parent, you always want to use the most suitable curriculum for your child. You can get a lot of good options from the web and one of them is the Saxon math curriculum.
Home-schooling your child is not an easy task and your primary goal is to fully educate your child. You also want to incorporate as much fun activities as you can into the learning process.
Choosing the best curriculum that has all the elements that you are looking for may be a cumbersome task. While most parents would choose to stick to one particular curriculum throughout the education of their child, some also find it helpful to mix different materials and strategies into their curriculum.
Saxon math curriculum uses a spiraling scope and sequence as a teaching strategy. Your child will progress through a series of textbooks beginning with Saxon K for kindergarten students. Progressing to upper elementary school, your child will go through Saxon 54, Saxon 65, and Saxon 76.
Once your child is in middle school, he will then move on to Saxon 87 and Algebra 1/2. All of these textbooks incorporate concepts that develop your child’s knowledge in the basic math strands.
The goal of the curriculum is to increase your child’s competency in math and enhance their math problem solving skills. A unique feature of the Saxon math curriculum is how they integrate Geometry throughout the Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Advanced Mathematics Saxon textbooks.
Saxon math homeschool is different from other curriculums that introduce Geometry as a separate subject. Saxon math also encourages your child to have a lot of practice and drills in solving math problems.
The math lesson plans follow a systematic and sequential process while continually reinforcing the concepts that your child has previously learned. Many children have benefited from this curriculum since a lot of fun is incorporated with the learning process.
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