Secular Homeschool Curriculum

Secular homeschooling curriculum shopping can be done. There are secular homeschooling resources for families. Several online vendors specialize in non-religious educational supplies. Even some religious catalogs distribute a few non-religious materials and even more vendors distribute books which are both religious and non religious.

Secular Homeschool Curriculum

Calvert Homeschool offers a classroom-in-a-box type curriculum that doesnt teach religious ideas as facts. Calvert is popular for the challenging student work and the ease of use for parents. Calvert offers a program where students can call their study questions in to a teacher and have their work looked over, too. Calvert gives families the option of using their internet homeschool program or their more traditional textbooks.

Sonlight is a popular literature based Christian curriculum that many secular homeschoolers enjoy. They have created a homeschool message board to discuss how theyre adapting the program to suit their needs.

Classical homeschooling methods like Thomas Jefferson, Charlotte Mason and The Well Trained Mind are easily adapted simply by not presenting religious perspectives or by deliberately presenting a balanced mixture of perspectives for the purpose of discussion. By using timeless high quality literature instead of traditional texts, a classical education claims to teach students how to think instead of teaching them what to think. This idea is popular with secular homeschooling families.

Unschooling is a popular method of homeschooling, which is definitely not religious. In unschooling, parents provide the child access to stimulating resources, and allow the child to follow their natural learning interests and desires, without pushing academic studies. The only way unschooling would teach religion is if the family was religious.

Internet Homeschooling

Online homeschooling programs like K12, Laurel Springs School, Keystone High School and Oak Meadow offer internet homeschooling courses where work is completed online and students interact with teachers through a social networking interface, like a secure chat room, instant messaging program, email and bulletin board service. It might sound confusing to parents but kids can catch on surprisingly fast.

Homeschooling Material

If youre more of an eclectic homeschooler, Rainbow Resource Center offers homeschooling curriculum products that are both religious and non religious. The catalogs for Oak Meadow and Calvert also distribute other non-religious homeschooling resources.

The homeschool review website, Choosy Homeschooler registers users by religious preference, among other things, so you can check out the profiles of the curriculum reviewers youre reading. Knowing the perspective of the reviewer can help you make informed homeschooling decisions.

Try networking with other non-religious families for curriculum recommendations. If there are none in your local homeschool support group, try visiting a few homeschool message boards, and finding or starting a secular homeschooling curriculum thread.

Government resources and public school publishers produce non-religious textbooks and teaching materials. Many government websites distribute free educational materials on their websites.

The Atheist Homeschool website helps families find resources for non religious homeschooling, too.

Learning how and where to find secular homeschooling curriculum is a little bit of a challenge worthy of pursuit. If you end up buying something that didnt advertise itself as being religious, be sure to send it back and kindly let them know why its being returned. Post your reviews on websites like Choosy Homeschooler, and Atheist Homeschool to let others know what theyre getting into. Most of all, enjoy homeschooling.