Seton Curriculum for Catholic Home School

Seton’s curriculum for home school offers all the necessary materials and supports Catholic homeschooling family needs to have a successful and rewarding homeschool experience.

Note to readers: This article is intended to be a brief overview of what Seton has to offer homeschooling families, not a critical review of Steon’s Home Study Program.

Why is a Catholic Home School Education Important?

According to a 2005 poll taken by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), only 36% of adult Catholics regularly attend mass. If the current generation doesn’t pass along the teachings, traditions, and importance of the Church to their children, the Catholic Church may continue to see declining numbers from future generations. Catholic homeschooling may help insure the Church’s future.

What is Seton Home Study School?

Named after Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the founder of American Catholic schools, Seton Home Study School is a fully accredited full service Catholic school with a convenient “turn-key” program that even a novice home school family can successfully use.

Why Choose Seton Over Other Homeschool Curriculum?

The most compelling reason to choose Seton Home School curriculum over other Catholic homeschool curriculum is this: for one affordable price Seton offers everything a homeschooling family needs to be successful.

Seton’s complete package includes: daily lesson plans, textbooks, workbooks, tests with answer keys, academic counseling, grading, report card services, transcripts, and a strong Catholic curriculum for a fraction of the cost of parochial school.

Seton offers a good value compared to other Catholic homeschool curriculum. For example, Mother of Divine Grace School charges a tuition fee similiar to Seton’s, but also charges additional fees for the syllabus, books, and teacher consultation services. Kolbe, another Catholic homeschool option, costs over $4,600 per student per year, far more than Seton’s per-pupil tuition of $490.

Seton Homeschool Curriculum is All-Inclusive

One low tuition fee covers everything, including textbooks. Other Catholic homeschooling curriculums require the purchase of teacher material, student materials and books separately, and they often charge extra for grading and transcript services and live support. Seton’s one-price affordable tuition includes everything a homeschool family needs.

Seton’s tuition conveniently includes all grading services including grading tests, essays, and book reports. Also included: standardized testing to measure student progress, official transcripts for students who wish to attend college or return to school, and proof-of-enrollment letters (especially helpful for families who homeschool in states with stringent homeschooling requirements.)

Seton Offers Complete Support for Home School Families

Seton’s home school study program includes counseling services for general homeschool questions and problems, discipline issues, organizational challenges, and student academic issues. Seton also helps families with testing, grade placement, and customizing curriculum for special needs students.

Seton Assists Homeschool Graduates

Seton provides college guidance counseling for its high school students including test preparation services for the SAT, ACT, and college entrance exams. Seton also offers free extras including online supplemental materials and audio lectures which provide students with additional help and information.

Why (Maybe) Not to Choose Seton

Seton’s Curriculum is very traditional Roman Catholic. Everything about it from the pictures (of Renaissance Catholic paintings) to the workbook examples (some seemingly from 1950′s era primers) have a strong pre-Vatican II feel which may be a detriment to the curriculum as it tries to attract modern Catholics.

For More Information

Families interested in finding out more about Seton Home Study School’s affordable and turn-key homeschool curriculum can visit Seton’s home school website, and see what other parents have to say about Seton at HomeSchoolReviews.