Seton Homeschool Curriculum

Are you looking for a Catholic home school program? Consider Seton homeschool curriculum.

With so many homeschooling options available nowadays, it can be challenging to decide what will best meet your child’s needs. Seton is an affordable, easy to use program for Catholic homeschoolers. It provides all of the materials and support a family needs to establish a solid foundation for its children by combining modern and traditional teaching techniques.

The school is named after Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the founder of the American Catholic Schools. Seton’s primary concern is the education of Catholic children.  Its foremost goal is helping children become and remain practicing Catholics. It abides by the statements found in The Christian Education of Youth, which influenced the school’s mission and purpose, as stated in the school’s guidelines.

Seton homeschool curriculum is all-inclusive. One low tuition fee covers everything, including textbooks, and grading essays and book reports. While some curriculum companies require you to purchase teacher and student materials separately, and may even charge an extra fee for grading and transcript services, Seton’s one price and affordable tuition fee includes everything that your homeschooling child needs. It also includes standardized testing to effectively measure the student’s progress. This service is essential for students who wish to attend college or eventually return to school.

Another great feature of Seton is that it includes counseling services for general home school questions and specific problems such as discipline issues, organizational challenges and academic concerns. Also, the school provides college guidance counseling for all Seton homeschool students who want to prepare for the SAT, ACT, and other college entrance exams.

Believing that education is man’s preparation for what he must do for eternity, the Christian education offered by Seton homeschool places supreme importance on the individual’s purpose in his family and in society.

As St. John Chrysostom have said, “what greater work is there than training the mind and forming the habits of the young?” The flexible learning programs offered by Seton homeschool curriculum are just one of the church’s ways of living up to its duty to watch over the education of her children.

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