What FREE homeschooling options are available to me?

Im 18 and looking for a free home school program available to me in Los Angeles County, California. HELP!!!!! I want to graduate with a high school diploma and get into college. Something that can help me go at my own pace. In some states students can dual enroll in college courses for free (thought […]

Internet Home Schooling Programs

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the report entitled Homeschooling in the United States; Statistical Analysis Report, published in February 2006 in the NCES Newsletter, the numbers of children receiving a home based education are increasing. Since local school budgets are often based upon the enrollment of students, this trend can be […]

Home Schooling Your High School Student

Parents home schooling their high school students in the Memphis area have a number of choices of where to enroll their students. Our family has always enrolled with Gateway Christian Schools on Macon Road in Memphis. With Gateway Christian Schools’ total home education program, our family is able to choose our own curriculum, subject to […]

Is Home Schooling Right For You?

Many parents believe that it is necessary to have a teaching credential to be qualified for teaching their child what they need to learn to become productive and successful adults. Although it is a tremendous responsibility to teach your own child the rewards can be priceless. The pros and cons of homeschooling are many, but […]

Are Seattle online schools and alternative programs homeschool?

“There’s more than one way to learn at home, but not all of it is home school,” said Rachel Schleif in her The Wenatchee World article, “Home-school definition, identity blurs with new programs,” in which she outlined the ongoing controversy over homeschooling terminology and regulations. In Helen Hegener’s June 25, 2010 HEM commentary, “Outlived Our […]

Homeschool Writing Curriculum – How To Find A Program That’s Right For Your Child

By finding a good homeschool writing curriculum, you will be able to teach your children everything they need to know to write clearly and effectively. Even if your children don’t dream of becoming published authors, they will need strong writing skills to succeed in college and beyond. Choose a home school writing curriculum that introduces […]

Where can I sell used home-school books?

Home schooling your children means that you’ll end up buying or borrowing many books–all of which your children will outgrow in time. Instead of letting the books collect dust, try to recoup some of your investment by selling your used books online. Between home schooling websites and popular auction sites, the Internet makes it easier […]

Choosing a Homeschool Bible Curriculum

An essential part of any Christian home school program is a homeschool Bible curriculum. Using the right curriculum is essential in teaching Christians how to defend their faith with reason and logic. Apart from finding the right materials to help you home school your children on Scripture you also need the right teaching methods. Here […]

Homeschool High School – Finding The Best Curriculum

One common issue with home schoolers is “where do I get the perfect curriculum? “ There's no curriculum which is the best. There's just the curriculum which is the perfect fit for your student. For this reason I do not believe that anyone will be able to tell you what the best curriculum might be, […]

Free Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum

The Internet has made it possible for anyone with a passion and web design skills to create a website, and homeschoolers love to share. Consequently, there are several resources online for Christian homeschoolers, including free curriculum at every grade level and other websites for homeschool families. Ambleside Online Free Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum By far, […]