What is the best Christian homeschool material?

I am in the market for a good homeschool curriculum. We are a Christian family and would like to use Christian based material but it's not a must as we can teach her ourselves at home and through Church. My daughter isn't preschool age yet but I wanted to get a headstart on what we […]

The Benefits Of A Teacher’s Curriculum Guide

Facing your first year of homeschooling? Not sure how to effectively use a teacher

Free All-In-One Homeschool Curriculums

Buying an expensive boxed all-in-one curriculum is not the only option for those looking for a complete homeschool curriculum. There are several free curriculums online that offer everything you need to teach your student the three R’s for free. Brightly Beaming Resources Brightly Beaming Resources started out as primarily being a preschool curriculum and has […]

Homeschool Curriculum: No Boundaries

If you are thinking of getting your child into a homeschool curriculum but still don’t have any idea on how it works, then you might have a difficult time looking for something that will fit him. Homeschool programs can be availed from both public and private schools, and often they already have pre-set course packages […]

What's the best Homeschool Curriculum for Pre K?

Hey guys, this year I will be homeschooling my 4 year old for the first time. I have been looking online and there are so many homeschool curriculums available. So far I've been looking at Oak Meadow, Calvert,Sonlight,My Father's World and Timberdoodle and many others. It's been overwhelming since I'm completely new to this and […]

10 points to the person who can give me the longest list of homeschool curriculum companies!?

Can you give me the longest list of homeschool curriculum companies? 10 points to the person who can come up with the most!! Uhm.. not what I was lookin' for .. haha… I was thinking along the lines of: “BJU, A Beka, Alpha Omega, Sonlight, Beautiful Feet” From http://docsdomain.net/blog/?page_id=711 one of my favorite blogs MULTIPLE […]

Homeschool Buyers Co-op Offers Internet Reward Program to All Homeschooling Parents

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) January 22, 2010 Homeschool Buyers Co-op, a leading provider of discounted homeschooling programs and curriculum, announced the creation of a new Internet reward program for homeschoolers. The Company has joined affiliate programs with companies such as Walmart, Target, Overstock.com, Netflix, Buy.com and many more to receive money back from online purchases […]

What's a good Christian curriculum other than Abeka?

I want a conservative Christian homeschool curriculum or program (not online based though). We found Abeka to be too scripted and dull. Is there an academically challenging yet more interesting option out there? I don't insist it be a “box” (all from one company) program. It can be from more than one company. We actually […]

Benefits of Learning from Home and Available Resources for Home Education

Benefits of Homeschooling In an article published by Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University, most of the objections raised towards homeschooling-such as homeschooling being detrimental to social skills, lack of a certified teacher, subpar educational standard and many more–were debunked. With homeschooling, parents can choose their children’s homeschool curriculum; help their children learn at […]

I am home schooled and I am looking for good ideas for curriculum?

I am now a senior in Homeschool and I was wondering is there any good sites on homeschool curriculum or course ideas for a 12th grade Homeschool Student? Abeka