The Importance Of Homeschool Record Keeping


Home-based curriculum: meets states’ needs Minnesota Virtual Academy meets needs of students, parents and educators with curriculum from K12, Inc.

It’s one of Minnesota’s fastest-growing public schools, but not a single student has ever stepped inside the walls. The reason: this school has no walls; it’s the Minnesota Virtual Academy, and its 630 students all study from home. For these students in grades kindergarten kindergarten

How to Start Homeschooling in Colorado

There are two main options for homeschooling in Colorado each with only minimum state controls. This makes beginning a homeschool program easy. Here is a guide to beginning a homeschool program in Colorado. How do I start Homeschooling in Colorado? To begin homeschooling in Colorado, the parent must notify the school district 2 weeks (14 […]

Autism Homeschooling Resources

Not all children with an autism spectrum disorder are sent to a public or private school. For a variety of reasons, many families choose to homeschool their autistic child. When a parent is considering the option of homeschooling her child, finding resources to help can be time-consuming. Whether choosing between a homeschool program and school […]