Teaching Kindergarten Readiness: A New Home-Based Business Opportunity

El Dorado Hills, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2011

The idea for the Pre K Scholars Teacher Kitfirst occurred to Pre K Scholars founder, former kindergarten teacher and mother of four, Amy Schwary, in 2003. She could not find an integrated series of short, fun lessons being taught anywhere in her upscale community of Newport Beach, California. With no such instruction available, she created her own over about two years and offered her community 90-minute kindergarten readiness classes one day a week for 22 weeks.

“The results were overwhelmingly positive,” said Schwary. “The parents were delighted with the results and I was pleased to contribute to my family budget, grossing $280 per weekly class.” She soon had waiting lists for three classes she taught in her home, together producing $840/week in revenue. Although many communities will not support a charge of $35/student/class, the business model also works at lower class fees. “We have an income calculator on our website, http://www.prekscholars.com, to help prospective teachers evaluate the financial impact of different class charges,” said Schwary.

To make the successful preschool curriculum available to others, she formed Pre K Scholars in 2008 and developed its first product, the Teacher Kit. Several parents of former Schwary students including Brenda Lavin and Jana Kalinowski of Costa Mesa, CA were so impressed with the progress of their children in the Schwary classes that they purchased the kit and are now teaching the curriculum in their homes.

Brenda: “As a parent and former second grade teacher I can't recommend Pre K Scholars highly enough. Not only did two of my children take the class, but I teach the program as well. Teaching the program is very rewarding. After each class is it so fun to see the strides the kids are making, all in such a fun way!” Jana: “I have been teaching Pre K Scholars for 3 years now. I feel this is such a comprehensive program that truly gives children the experiences and exposure to concepts that will help them be successful Kindergarteners. From a teacher's perspective, the format has made the preparation for my Pre K Scholars class so much more efficient and simple.”

The idea is now catching on in other communities. Schwary gets frequent inquiries like this one from the Pre K Scholars website, ” Due to the budget cuts in Education, I was pink slipped from my current teaching position. I was referred to your site as a way in which I could continue to make a supplemental income for my family and remain doing what I am passionate about.”

The phonics-based Pre K Scholars Teacher Kit has everything, all the essentials necessary to launch a profitable home-based kindergarten readiness business including the comprehensive curriculum, with hundreds of lessons, a step-by-step business startup guide, flash cards, and other classroom materials. Schwary believes anyone with good childcare skills can teach the program.

The risk of the usual startup business can be avoided, according to Schwary, by circulating a signup list in your community to find out the demand for the classes. If there is a good response, purchase the $499 Teacher Kit and follow the instructions in the startup guide to launch classes in just a matter of days.

“With the recent teacher layoffs, there are thousands of qualified kindergarten readiness instructors around the country,” believes Schwary. “All they need is our dynamic preschool curriculum that meets or exceeds state standards and a place to hold their classes. Together we can chip away at the alarming deficiency in quality kindergarten preparation that exists today and the teachers can add to their family revenues.”

About Pre K Scholars

Founded in 2008, Pre K Scholars was developed by Amy Schwary and Alan Pierrot, MD with a vision of providing affordable resources to parents, teachers and preschools to enhance the kindergarten readiness of the population. The company is currently working on an iPhone and Android app to supplement it Kindergarten Readiness Kit DVD.

For additional information, visit http://www.prekscholars.com