The Best Curriculum Software for Homeschool Families

For the home schooling family, no decision is more important than choosing the right curriculum. There are many options out there, from textbooks to CD-ROMs and supplies. The following is a list of the best home school software programs.


For the beginning reader, Starfall is an excellent curriculum choice. The Starfall software presents engaging, easy to navigate lessons for the preschool to elementary student. Starfall offers a mix of games, songs and animated characters to deliver lessons in phonics, reading comprehension and word recognition. As an added bonus, prospective educators can preview the Starfall curriculum on its website for free. A complete home school kit is $325 for one year and includes all books, CDs and art supplies.

Cost: $325

Home School Tracker

TGI Homesoft’s biggest seller, Home School Tracker is perfect for the home school family looking for recording and tracking software. Home School Tracker’s basic edition generates reports, tracks attendance and hours and manages assignments. Starting at $49, Home school Tracker is an excellent value for the money.

Cost: $49 and up

Head of the Class

Billed as an “Innovative No-Cost Online Education,” the Head of the Class software delivers an entire yearlong preschool to eighth grade education. This software delivers easy to follow lessons in an interesting, engaging format. The software runs on PCs, MACs and Smartboards. Registered users can access multimedia, worksheets, videos and applications via the program’s website. Head of the Class offers a range of subjects from phonics to handwriting, Spanish and geography.

Cost: FREE

Lesson Pathways

Lesson Pathways offers free curriculum software for kindergarten through fifth grade. The lessons, which span a 36-week course, cover reading, science, history, math and language arts. The software offers over 900 free weekly unit plans, worksheets, lesson plans and interactive activities.

Cost: FREE

Alpha Omega’s Switched on Schoolhouse

Switched on Schoolhouse is one of the most popular mathematics software among homeschoolers today. Offering a comprehensive math curriculum, the software is designed exclusively for grades 3-12. It delivers its entire content online, using animation, special effects and CD-ROM components.

Cost: $74.95 per grade leve 


One of the most established names in distance education, the Calvert school has been offering home school curriculum for over 100 years. The Calvert school is a non-sectarian, brick-and-mortar school in Baltimore, Maryland that offers its curriculum software to home school families. The Calvert school’s online home school software serves students in kindergarten through eighth grade. In addition to the school’s software and teaching materials, students also have the benefit of consulting with teacher advisors.

Cost: Varies by grade, starting at $73/mo.

There are as many home school software options as there are home school families and selecting the right one can be difficult. From free reading software to websites that deliver an entire year’s curriculum free, there is no shortage of quality home school software.