The Best Free Homeschooling Curriculum Available on the Internet

When I first made the decision to homeschool, I searched the internet for free homeschool curriculum. Everything that I found turned out to be nothing more than supplemental material. After a few years of experience I have discovered that are a few hidden gems on the internet that are 100% free. With these programs, you will have everything you need to teach a particular subject without needing to waste time pulling material from several different sources.

Language Arts

Progressive Phonics (
This is a free program that serves as a complete Language Arts curriculum for your child’s early education. Each lesson provides a printable book, activity pages, flashcards and games. The books are humorous enough to keep the child interested and provide enough practice to really drive home the current lesson. We’ve used several different programs that were not free, and this is the best phonics curriculum by far. I am pretty sure we’d use this even if we had to pay for it.

Starfall (
This website will not teach writing skills, but it will teach your child to read. The site is chock full of games, videos, and online books to practice reading skills. It’s definitely worth checking out if you child loves the computer. In our house, we use this as a supplement but it can definitely be used to teach reading.


Ray’s Arithmetic (
Ray’s Arithmetic is a no frills math curriculum published in 1885 and it is available on Google Books for FREE! This will help you systematically teach your child mathematics in the classical way and is widely considered to be superior to current math curriculum that is being used in public schools.

This Free math curriculum uses Venn Diagrams, the Mini Computer, and lots of visual aid in teaching arithmetic. Everything you need is available to be printed from the website.

This appears to be an excellent program that will provide instruction through high school. Currently it’s being used in several schools throughout the UK and in many more homes throughout the world.

Social Studies/History

Smith Life Science World History (
This FREE curriculum covers world History in 39 units and provides daily lesson plans to assist with teaching.

Guest Hollow American History (
This Free history curriculum is well organized, easy to follow and complete. You really can’t go wrong with this if you are studying American History in your homeschool. Lesson plans, book lists, activities and more are all planned for you.


I’m really excited about this Free Science Curriculum. You will find complete lesson plans for each day of your school year for grades K-6. Worksheets, book lists, projects and activities are all included for FREE!

Otter’s Homeschool Science -Human Body
This is another very complete, well planned science curriculum. It provides 33 weeks of free lesson plans for grades 2-6.