Weaver Homeschool Curriculum Review

If you are home schooling children from grade levels K to 12, it can be difficult to find the appropriate home school curricula materials since these are usually not reviewed in home school publications. If this is your problem, there are ways that you can review the available materials to determine if they are suitable for you.
If your local homeschooling organization holds curriculum fairs, you can view materials there. There may also be a retail store in your area that sells curricula for homeschoolers where you can review them.
If there is a particular curriculum that you are interested in, you can also log in to home school message boards to ask other parents about it. One popular Bible-centered curriculum for grades pre-kindergarten to twelve is the Weaver Homeschool curriculum published by Alpha Omega Publications.
Using a daily Bible theme as its foundation, the parent or tutor can customize lessons for each student based on their grade level. The curriculum is divided into volumes and supplemental volumes and covers the following subjects: the Bible, Science, Art, History and Geography, Language Arts, Health and Social Sciences.
Interlock is the curriculum’s preparatory program designed to teach preschool and kindergarten children the basics while providing them a solid foundation in Biblical knowledge as it covers topics ranging from the Creation to the Flood.
Also available is a supplemental volume, the Weaver 3-D Body Book, which allows students to construct a life-size model of the human body. The Weaver homeschool curriculum itself is divided into volumes, each volume representing one year of lessons.
The first five volumes are for kindergarten to grade six and the five supplemental volumes are for grades 7 to 12. Supplementing this curriculum are volumes on language and teaching resources. The language resources seek to build solid English skills in students and cover topics ranging from grammar and spelling to reading and literature.
Teaching resources seek to assist home school teachers in activities such as preparing lessons and motivating students. The Weaver homeschool curriculum is ideal for families with children in multiple grades as it allows them to learn the same Biblical story simultaneously but with different lessons catered to their particular age level.
However, it also requires some planning and research on the part of parents and tutors as the curriculum uses many resources which are not included in the core program.

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