What are good High School homeschooling programs?

I'm going to home school myself for the rest of my freshman year. And I was wondering what are some good at home high school programs that i could look into? Also will there be any programs that will let me finish this year as a homeschooler and still get my freshman credits from public school?

I recommend Keystone National High School for you. Keystone National High School is an accredited online high school. Keystone has online courses and correspondence courses (courses sent through the mail). Also, most of Keystones' online courses come with textbooks. You decide which course format you want, whether you want your courses delivered in the online format or the correspondence format or you can blend both the online and correspondence formats together and take them at the same time. They also grant you an accredited high school diploma, if you want to earn an accredited high school diploma through them. To be able to earn an accredited high school diploma through Keystone National High School, you will have to complete the high school graduation requirements of Keystone National High School. If you don't wish to earn an accredited high school diploma through them and you only wish to supplement your high school curriculum in which you are already enrolled, you can take individual courses which will earn you credits through them. Students around the world too can enroll in their accredited online high school program.

You can learn more about Keystone National High School at http://www.keystonehighschool.com .