What Common Core is teaching parents

Parents who are concerned about Common Core already know what it is teaching our kids: convoluted math, leftist propaganda, globalization over American nationalism, collaboration over individualism, process over results.

The unintended by-product of Common Core is not what it is designed to teach our kids, but what it is NOT designed to teach parents.

As parents are beginning to learn about the overhaul to our education system known as Common Core State Standards (CCSS), we are uncovering skeletons as we dig.

The conversations among concerned citizens over CCSS so often goes into education-related topics which may or may not have any direct connection to CCSS itself. As a parent, I don’t care whether data mining of my children’s and family’s personal information (see article on Montgomery County survey) has a direct link to CCSS or whether they were both just bred out of the same federal takeover of education mentality.

The important point here is that CCSS has prompted sleeping parents to take a deep look into their kids education system. It has awakened the mama bear.

Parents in states that implemented CCSS last year are reporting on “inappropriate Common Core lessons”. Those lessons may have come from purchased curriculum that is aligned to CCSS by corporations tied into its development, or may have been developed by their county school board. In most cases it is the former, but regardless, parents are discovering propaganda in our schools that have been in place for decades, long before CCSS.

The fight against CCSS is not just against a set of standards (standards are benchmarks for what kids should be learning in what grade). It is against a federal takeover of education which began when the US Department of Education was unconstitutionally founded by President Carter in 1979. One could argue it started before that.

Whether the discovery is about books in the school libraries that were pushed by the LGBT lobby (formerly known as the gay lobby), or no tolerance policies that result in young children being suspended for eating a Pop-Tart the wrong way in Anne Arundel County, or parents being denied access to the classroom, all this unequivocally establishes that parents have lost control of their kids education.

Common Core is the wake-up call we all needed.

So, what is the path back? Homeschooling is a great answer, but not the total answer by itself; nor private schools. Without De-Coring our education, both are still affected by CCSS because the SATs and other standardized tests are being aligned to CCSS.

De-Coring education is another great answer, but again, not complete. As demonstrated above, most of our problems in education started long before CCSS. We must de-Core state-by-state, and also refuse federal grants. All federal grants come with strings attached, and it is through our dependence on grant money that we have lost local control of our schools and sold out to the federal department of ed.

The only single complete answer is the total dismantling of the U.S. Department of Education coupled with parental oversight on the state level. That would return control of schools to the states, closer to the people, in accordance with the Constitution, and eliminate the horrific corruption that is the USDE.

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