What is homeschooling accreditation?

Accreditation involves quality control of educational materials and can impact availability to homeschoolers of later educational options such as college choices. Each homeschooling family must consider for itself the importance of accreditation in its homeschooling efforts.


Accreditation describes a status of an educational curriculum as having passed an external review that determines that the curriculum meets the standards of the reviewing agency, as described at the websites Homeschoolthroughhighschool and Letshomescool.com.

Homeschooling Application

Within the homeschooling context, accreditation typically means that the educator teaches the homeschooled student using homeschool curriculum programs that qualify as an accredited curriculum.


Among the agencies that make such accreditation reviews are the National Council for Private School Accreditation and the National Association of Private Schools.


Some homeschool-curriculum suppliers offer both accredited and unaccredited versions of their programs, as mentioned at the Letshomeschool.com website. Distance-learning programs with accreditation, along with traditional homeschooling materials, provides the homeschooling family with another option in using accredited curriculum materials in the homeschooling setting.


While accreditation in the past had considerable significance for college-bound homeschooled children, as of 2010 many colleges have recognized the quality of homeschool-educated students and may even seek them out, as indicated at the Homeschoolthroughhighschool website.


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