What is Social Studies and Why is it Important

To start with the definition of social studies, it is known as the combination of social science subjects (history and geography), sociology, civics, economics and other subjects related to the social genres of education. These subjects are included usually in junior and high school curriculum, to make kids aware of their country and world’s history, geography and the economic structure. The reason these subjects are introduced to school children from the fourth grade to tenth grade is because, embedding these in the basics of education could be very helpful for their future.

These subjects are not only helpful to kids for their further education in these areas, but also to improve their general knowledge and awareness about their surrounding. Thus, now that you know what is social studies and why is it important, find some more information about the same in the paragraphs below. Take a look.

Importance of Social Studies

When we have children, it is very important to us, that the world around us accepts them and they become aware of their surrounding. Therefore, admitting them in a good school and providing them with the best education is what we strive for. We do this so that they gain the right knowledge and go ahead to be smart, intelligent, young adults who are aware of their social and political status in their country.

Just like mathematics, linguistics and scientific knowledge, making these kids well equipped citizens of the world, is also important by introducing these subjects at a young age in school. This could be your explanation to why it is important to include these subjects in early childhood education. In the paragraphs below you will read about the importance of teaching these subjects individually. So, read on and find out the importance of each subject included here.

Importance of History

Every country in the world has a rich history where there are secrets of the foundation of that nation. People who have taken part in historical events, incidents which have made changes in the political scene of the country, fossilized settlements that have been excavated from the earlier eras of human records and other such important events are included in the history of a particular country. The foundation of the parliament, the protests and revolutions which occurred in the past, the people who fought for the country’s freedom, major discoveries and inventions and time changing events are also recorded in the history books. Studying these and being aware of one’s cultural and historical heritage is an important part of every child’s growing.

Importance of Geography

Similar to the historical events, learning about the nature, seasons and their effects, climatic variations, other countries in the world with their capitals, physical features (mountains, lakes, oceans, continents, plateaus, etc.), latitudes and longitudes, pollution, ozone layer, tropics and the equator, and many other facts related to the earth and the universe can all be included in this vast subject. Knowing your environment and taking care of it, is one of the most basic teachings for children as they can apply them in their lives. This knowledge could also help them sharpen their general knowledge and prove useful in their future.

Importance of Economics and Civics

Studying about the economic structure of the country, the government, the rules and regulations of the economy, foundation of the constitution, amendments and laws, criminal laws, voting systems, names presidents and other great leaders, etc., are some of the things you study in these subjects. Even though this curriculum is included in slightly older grades in school, they are considered to be some of the important facts to be known by children by the time, they reach college. Thus, studying these subjects increases their awareness about social changes.

This was some information on the significance of social studies. Thus, make sure your kids are good at these subjects as they are vital for any child’s social development and future.