What is the best homeschool curriculum for preschool & kindergarten?

I use PACE curriculum for my 6th grader but I have one that I am going to be doing preschool with next year & then kindergarten. The PACE system doesn't look that great for children just starting out with no reading skills. To the experienced homeschooling parents, what do you recommend?

girls want to learn to write their names, the alphabet, name their shapes and colors and take a stab at reading her favorite books with you..

boys, are not ready for any formal schooling, and are best served by having blocks, legos, playdough and other kinetic (touching) materials

at hand.

typically, not ready unitl age eight for stiff, scheduled training…but will pick up a lot as he is ready ,

and will acclimate right into classes at 3rd or

4th grade level…

please don't spend money on preK and K materials…