What kind of registration process do I have to go through to be able to homeschool my child?

Particularly in the state of Wisconsin? She is preschool age. Do I have to register her now or wait until she is 5 and ready for kindergarten? This is something I've always wanted to do and I actually have the time to do it now. I'm so excited!

If your child is of preschool age , you do not have to register with Wisconsin until your child is 6 years old. It is very simple.

You contact the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and they will have a site there you can click on. It is as simple as fillingout a State Form for the school year that you wish to home educate your child. This form must be in the State of Wisconsin's hands by October 13th of that school year. Once you have done this you are set. Except, of course choosing which form of homeschooling you wish to choose. Wisconsin also has their own curriculum where you can actually go thru a public school and it will count as a public school education thru a school within the state. You may also choose a homeschooling school of your choice or just do it on your own. Wisconsin has a list of reputable home schooling sites. I personally choose the St. Thomas Aquanis , which is out of California. This is considered a private school according to the state of wisconsin. They have a curriculm that is set according to your child's academic needs. They help you with grading, teaching,etc. They also have an option for you to report attendance, grades etc with them quarterly. They have the school set up so your child will get a regular Diploma from the state of Wisconsin. The price is fairly reasonable too. I paid $247.00 dollars to have everything I need for homeschooling including grade reporting. They customize the curriculm by doing assessment testing with your child. They are easy to contact also. If you call and they cant get to the phone, they call you right back and answer all your questions. After searching the net for a homeschooling program , I found that this one had the most to offer. I would also like to add, they have a legal council that you can join who specifically represents parents and their homeschooling program, if by chance a county or state would give someone difficulty for homeschooling their child or children. This fee is only 115 dollars a year, which is cheap considering the hassels you can run into for homeschooling. You dont have to join them , its just a suggestion, but great protection considering lawyer costs these days. They have representatives in each state. Their main objective is to protect the rights of homeschooling parents.