What to do with an exceptional child?

My daughter is two years old, three in Sep. Her birthday is a week past the deadline to start preschool. She already knows her letters, can count to 30, can write her letters, will actually write a word. Knows her shapes, colors, etc. Her father was reading at age 3, and I'm sure she could too. The question is what to do with her? I've looked at preschool curriculums to do at home, but it's stuff she already knows. Are there any activities to get her involved in?

You could try a Montessori preschool if the other preschools have a cut off date ( altho that really surprises me, where I live , most of the preschools have classes from 2 and up and the cut off date here is the end of Sept ~ the Montessori ones here that I know of would take a child that is going to be three before the end of Sept , I would think that most of them are the same… but I cant tell you that for sure.)

You could get some K curriculum ~ either from workbooks from teacher stores, book stores, or places like SAM's club ( they have really nice workbooks for under $10 that cover most of what they need for that grade ) OR you can get bunches of things online ~ there are many many websites that have things for free taht you can print out.

These are for *preschool* but if you search the sites there is probably alot more on there that you could use ~










other sites~










( this one has a LONG list of sites that may be helpful)

( that's just a few that I have bookmarked right now I am sure if you did searches you could come up with hundreds more :-)

Getting her involved in other types of activities would be great as well ~ depending on where you live ,you should be able to find at least a few things for her that she might like ~ gymnastics, ballet / dance classes, the YMCA and other gym type places usually have classes and sports activities for kids her age, also local libraries may have reading activities or arts and craft activities for her age too.

and while I am nor sure if you would be interested in homeschooling or not, you might look into finding a local homeschool group because most will have feild trips, classes, and / or other activities for kids that your daughter could participate in.